Welcome to Room22!  

We're a content- & storytelling agency specialized in hotels and hospitality brands. For nearly a decade, our founder, Regitse Rosenvinge has worked in the hospitality industry providing a wide range of hotels with quality content. She discovered that many of these hotels needed a stronger position on the market in order to attract the right clientele, so she began developing what she calls 'the storytelling strategy'. Today, storytelling is the essence of Room22.agency. Why? Because good stories essentially carry hotel brands and make them stand out.

Our philosophy is that not two hotels are the same - so why should their stories be? With a keen eye for design, details and the hotel industry as a whole, Regitse and her team provides hotels with quality content such as copywriting, social media management and email strategies. In our digitalized world, content needs to be specific and emotionally connecting in order to bring results, so that's what we produce: high quality and engaging content and storytelling that make guests check in to your hotel again and again. It's as simple as that.

Let's work together!
If you're managing a hotel or a brand in the hospitality industry and you'd like to stand stronger in your marketing- and storytelling activities, chances are we're the right match for you!

Through words, we make your property stand out and ensure that you'll get more bookings based on your stories. We're deeply engaged in the industry, makes us more than just another creative agency.

Reach out via email and let's have a chat about your needs.

We can't wait to hear from you!

- Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge

 Founder & Storyteller


"We highly recommend Room22 for the quality of their work. The photographic quality and the honest and direct contact are some of the things we value most from our collaboration. A pleasure to work with!"

Tamara Formoso, Sales & Marketing Director,
The Weinmeister Hotel, Berlin 

“Room22 is a lot more than a content marketing agency. It's an agency with a deep understanding, knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry, with a true passion for creating content for hotels. Regitse and her team are quality- and client-focused, and I highly recommend working with them." 

Lynn Bruines, Hospitality Consultant, Geneva 

"We worked together with Room22.agency to create content for our new homepage. We'd especially like to highlight the copywriting, as they truly understood what was important to us. Based on this, they were able to create a  good overall picture with beautiful words. Also the communication was always very fast, super friendly, professional and targeted. Thank you!"

Kati Hall, Managing Director, Kaffee.Bar, Berlin

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