What's In Room 22? 

Room 22 is a creative content marketing agency for boutique- & design hotels.
You might be curious at this point. What sets us apart from other content marketing agencies out there? If not our love for hospitality, then certainly our experience and knowledge of the industry. Room22 was founded by Regitse Rosenvinge - a Hospitality professional and a driven content creator for tourism brands. She's is also the founder of the award-winning luxury travel- and hotel blog, The Copenhagen Traveler. Together with her team of dedicated content creators, Regitse is on a mission to raise the bar of content marketing in the hospitality industry - especially catering to smaller and independent hotels.

Whether you'd like us to handle your social media content and engagement, take beautiful photos of your venue or write compelling text for your website or press releases, you've definitely come to the right place!

We are storytellers by heart, and our most distinguished task is to elevate your brand. 

How may we help you? Simply send us an email to get started. 


“We hired Regitse to help us grow our brand awareness via Facebook and Instagram. Regitse was very professional in her approach to the tasks and delivered high quality posts. She quickly understood our needs and company "DNA" and build on that. I can highly recommend Regitse."

- Jesper Kiil, Peacock Travel, Denmark 

“Room22 is a lot more than a content marketing agency. It's an agency with a deep understanding, knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry, with a true passion for creating content for hotels. Regitse and her team are quality- and client-focused, and I highly recommend working with them." 

Lynn Bruines, Hospitality Consultant, Switzerland

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